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You're About To Discover The One Thing That Most Beginner Woodworkers Don't Learn Until After They Have Scrapped Too Many Woodworking Projects.

Hi it's Smokey from my North Woods shop here! I have been working with wood for over 40 years.One thing I'm often asked is "What's the real secret to great looking woodworking projects?" Well my friend, the answer is in knowing your wood. For a beginner it is essential to learn this before starting any woodworking project. I have prepared an easy to understand guide for beginners that is just a "Must Have".

Once inside you'll learn...
  • What all woodworkers should know about wood before they begin any project!

  • The basics to get you started, but will also make you sound like a professional craftsman the next time you shop for wood!
  • How much easier it will be to start a project using this beginners woodworking guide!

  • That anyone can master this skill in no time, and without tools, using our special wood selection chart.
  • The "Aha" of what has been lacking in your woodworking projects in the past, and everyone will be amazed with any project you craft from now on!
  • You will also learn loads of stuff about wood you may never have heard of!
  • As an added bonus you will get a printable check list to get your future projects started right every time!
And that’s just a tiny sample!
You can get all the details right now by downloading the
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woodworking tips
TIP # 1: Will insure your success as a beginner woodworker by teaching you what experienced woodworkers already know about wood selection!
Woodworking for Beginners
TIP # 4: Will explain the characteristics of wood that all beginner woodworking buffs must know that could make or break your next project.
woodworking tips
TIP # 15: Will show you how to save money by eliminating the woods that won't work for your woodworking project.
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